Bottle Capping

A pharmaceutical company has a line dispensing and capping bottles with anesthetic fluid. The capping mechanism works on fast moving bottles, and had no means of being set to the appropriate capping force. Bottles either leaked, or caps broke.

Solution; SensorData offered a turn-key system consisting of a wireless Torque-Thrust sensor, a data acquisition hub, and data analysis software. Capping torque and thrust signals are wirelessly transmitted to the hub. A computer connected to the hub uses custom-developed software to process the data and monitor the optimum operating values of the capping parameters.


Positioning patients for Gama Rays Treatment

A medical equipment manufacturer needed to position a patient very accurately under a Gama ray source. The balancing of the patient lying on the table was very critical.

Solution: SensorData offered a 6-Component sensor to be placed under the gurney. Forces and moments sensed by the sensor would be fed to the robot controls for patient balance calculations.