SensorData Load cells are designed for the rugged requirements of the Industrial Environment. Whether it be true fatique applications where repetitive cycling through zero for millions of cycles, or more general application where precision measurement is required, SensorData designs will fill the need for your application.

SensorData Technologies’ strain gage based Load Transducers have a reputation for:

Highest accuracy which may conform to many standards from the Automotive to Aerospace.
Robust Construction made of either high strength Stainless steel or Aluminum.
Performing at longest possible work life even at the most rigorous conditions.
Variety of mounting options.
Models with capacities ranging from 250 to 1 MILLION pounds.

The demands of today’s testing often require the simultaneous measurement of two or more axis. SensorData multi-axis load cells provide that measurement with minimal crosstalk between axis and full signal output for each bridge.
The industrial environment is neither particularly comfortable nor exceptionally forgiving. Small errors can lead to serious issues. The more accurate the measurements that you can produce, the more reliable and satisfactory your end product will be. Every company wants the most precise data possible, but it’s not always easy to acquire. Every force transducer measurement that’s off the mark ultimately wastes your time, effort, and money. That’s why force measurement using load cells is an industry standard. Convenient and careful gauges are needed to get the most out of your work, so that you can build and design the best goods possible.

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