Wireless onboard monitoring provides valuable data that prevents failures saves time saves money saves lives

THE M231

The world's most most durable torque sensor for the tire manufacturing industy

Still going strong after over 2 decades of service!

After over 22 years of service, our M231 is still going strong. It may be rusty on the outside, but it keeps on going inside after years of rigorous service.

That’s because SDT sensors are engineered and built better. As a result, they simply outperform the competition by many years – so when theirs expires, our’s keeps ongoing.

As THE  innovation leader, Sensordata Technologies takes pride in its products. Therefore, we are happy to introduce the “I MILLION CYCLE CLUB” – a badge of distinction for our customers that utilize our products and experience amazing life-cycles.

The M231 is testimony to our claims.

When your tire development program demands the very best sensors, Sensordata Technologies, Inc., is a clear choice.

Sensordata Technologies, the world’s most INNOVATIVE sensors.


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