The Key Specification that's often overlooked

One may wonder if this discussion has anything to do at all with force and /or torque sensors, however with little patience, not only some ambiguity will be removed, but also some very decisive eye-openers will be revealed when considering a sensor for an application.

The schematic (FIG. 1) is a simplified yet very accurate representation to what happens in a sensor, from the moment an event (e.g. impact force) is applied to the sensor till this event shows up on an indicator.

The event (the impact) causes a stress wave that travels in the sensor at the speed of sound longitudinally (at 5000 m/s) and laterally (at 3100 m/s) to reach strain gauge locations.

Assuming a sensor 10cm long, and 5cm diameter, gauges are in the middle of the sensor, then time “T” for stress wave (event) to reach gauges;

T=(0.05/5000) + (0.025/3200) = 1.806E-5 sec. (FIG 2)

i.e. this sensor can respond to a signal frequency 1/T = 55,357 Hz

For all practical purposes, any simple sensor (a Wheatstone bridge of strain gauges on a piece of metal) can translate the mechanical energy of an event into proportional electrical energy in almost no time


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MODEL i100

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Our popular i100 hand held simulator generates precise mV/V signals to help develop, “troubleshoot,” and calibrate strain gage signal conditioners, instruments, signal processors, and data loggers.

Accuracy is ± 0.03%, temperature effects are 6 ppm/F, and zero balance is 0.0004 mV/V. Resistance of the i100 simulator is equivalent to a 350-ohm bridge. The i100 has 8 switch selectable output steps. Also, a Vernier knob is provided to allow the user to continuously adjust the output from –2 to + 2 mV/V. A convenient switch provides true reverse polarity. Connection to the i100 is made through either a PT style connector or 4 color-coded spring-loaded test clips. All critical internal contacts are gold plated. The i100 is compatible with AC carrier or DC strain gage signal conditioner electronics.

T259: Military Spec Dual Range Torque Sensor

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M231: Fatigue Rated
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