AC Strain Gage Conditioner Model I200

  • 5 KHz carrier frequency
  • Sensitivity adjustable from 0.75 to 4 mV/V full scale
  • Two independent 5 VDC analog outputs
  • 4-20 & 4-12-20 mA outputs, optional
  • Corner frequencies of 2 & 600 Hz
  • Rotary Transformer Torque Sensor Zero velocity speed sensor output, optional


The i200 single channel conditioner-amplifier is designed for use with SensorData’s line of transformer coupled rotary torque sensors. When purchased as a system, it is supplied with free in-house calibration. The i200 can be configured, as an option, to interconnect to the output of a zero velocity speed sensor installed on SensorData’s rotating torque sensors. The i200 may also be used with slip ring and non-rotating, strain gage type, devices. Interconnecting cable assemblies are available from SensorData.