Telemetry Module

    • Noise free 915 MHz telemetry frequency
    • Range indoors up to 1000 ft. line-of-sight
    • Range outdoors up to 1 mil e line-of- sight
    • RS232  interface to PC & PLC serial ports
    • Baud rate 115 K Hz
    • Seri al port update rate 2000 mps
    • “Plug and Play” – no configuring required
    • Sens or End Module connects to sens or
    • ±5 V DC analog output standard
    • No license required – operates in ISM band
        “Transparent” operation

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The i400 system consists of two 915 MHz digital telemetry modules. The Sensor End Module includes an embedded SensorData i200 AC Strain Gage Conditioner and a Σ−∆, 16 bit, ADC. The Receiver End Module couples through its on-board RS232 port to the serial port of a PC or PLC. A switch selectable analog output signal of ±5 VDC or ±10 VDC is also provided as part of the Receiver End Module. Each module is supplied with a rotatable telemetry antenna. AC to DC power packs are supplied for the Sensor End and Receiver End Modules. The i400 is compatible with any SensorData rotating torque sensor, non-rotating torque sensor, or any device supplied by SensorData with a strain gage bridge sensing element. PC compatible software is also provided on a CD. When the i400 is supplied as a system consisting of a Sensor, a Sensor End Module, a Receiver End Module, cables, and accessories, the system is provided with free in-house calibration. A laptop computer is not included.