Dual Range Reaction Torque Sensor With Electronics & TEDS Model T171-231

  • Dual measurement ratio as great as 5:1
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Requires external 19-24 VDC at 35 mA
  • ±10 VDC output
  • Output bandwidth 1KHz
  • 2 On-board Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) defined by IEEE 1451.4
  • SAE 4340 alloy steel construction with satin nickel finish

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The T171-231 dual range reaction torque sensor (RTS) was designed to facilitate calibration of mechanical hand held torque wrenches. There are four (4) versions available each with a dual range capacity of 5 and 20 lb-ft (4:1), 20 and 100 lb-ft (5:1), 500 and 1K lb-ft (2:1), or 500 and 1.5K lb-ft (3:1). The T171-231 is a small and portable package with inherent high torsional stiffness. The T171-231 includes a proprietary, switchable, on-board, DC strain gage bridge signal conditioner and amplifier electronics package with ±10 VDC output and 1 KHz bandwidth. The electronics include two (2) on-board TEDS chips, EPROMs that contain binary information to identify and describe each of the dual range capacities according to IEEE Standard 1451.4. When one of the dual range capacities is selected the correct TEDS chip is addressed. Receptacle and mating connector are included. SensorData provides free in-house checkout and calibration of the T171-231. Interconnecting cable assemblies are available as options.


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    5/20 Ib-ft, 20/100 Ib-ft, 500/1K Ib-ft, 500//1.5K lb-ft