Non-contact Radio Coupled Rotary Flange Torque Sensor BT400 Series

  • Rotor-low inertia & high stiffness
  • compact design
  • Rated capacities up to 8,000 IB-FT
  • Rated speed up to 15,000 rpm
  • Zero velocity speed sensor- optional
  • Remote Bluetooth base station- Standard
  • Digital and analog signal options
  • SAE 4340 alloy steel- satin nickel finish


The BT400 series Bluetooth non-contact Radio Coupled Rotary Flange Torque sensor provides radio transmission of measured data, requires relatively little space for installation, and is capable of measuring torque up to 8,000 ib-ft at speeds up to 15,000 rpm. A zero velocity speed sensor option is available.

The BT400 encapsulated on-board electronics provides excitation for the strain gage bridge, amplifies the output of the bridge, and converts the amplified signal to a 16 bit digital word. Computers equipped to receive 2.4 GHz Bluetooth data can receive wireless transmission from the BT400. The BT400 can also transmit to an optional remote Bluetooth base station that provides 3 analog outputs and a USB digital port for interconnection to a P.C. The BT400 on-board electronics facilities remote shunt calibration. LabVIEW software is supplied.
On board amplification of the signal and its immediate conversion to a 16 bit digital word significantly reduces the effects of conducted noise that is inherent in other types of rotary torque measurement systems. The BT400 is not susceptible to the harmful effects of EMI and ESD, and is immune to nearby metal structures. Installations of the BT400 into a dynamometer driveline do not require external couplings or expensive alignment procedures.