Small Capacity Reaction Torque Sensor Model T114

  • High torsional stiffness
  • 0.1% accuracy
  • 700 ohm bridge
  • Capacities from 50 to 1000 oz-in
  • SAE 2024-T351 aluminum
  • Supplied with mating connector


The T114 is designed for measuring small values of torque found in miniature motors, pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, and other fractional horsepower rated devices, very small torque values associated with the measurement of viscosity, and losses caused by bearing friction. The T114 can be installed at either the driver or absorber end of the measurement chain and thus is able to measure the net available torque being delivered to the device under test. AC carrier or DC strain gage signal conditioning electronics can be used with the T114. Interconnecting cable assemblies are available as an option. In-house calibration of the T114 with SensorData electronics will be provided free of charge or with customer-supplied electronics for a fee.