Rotary Transformer Coupled SprocketPulley Torque Sensor Model T211

    • 2.25” long sensor body – 6.2” overall Weighs 7 lbs.
    • On-board shunt calibration circuit
    • Angle encoder (optional)
    • SAE 4340 alloy steel – satin nickel finish


The T211 was originally designed to provide feedback information for control of textile machinery. It features a rotary transformer coupled torque sensor and requires AC strain gage signal conditioning such as SensorData’s i200. The optional angle encoder provides precise feedback of shaft position and rotational speed. SensorData’s T211 Sprocket/Pulley Torque Sensor can be provided in a number of different configurations with capacities from 500 to 10K lb-in and rated speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Contact our representative or the factory to discuss your specific requirements. After consultation with a factory representative SensorData will be pleased to provide the customer with a practical solution for his or her special needs for a sprocket/pulley torque sensor.


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T211-106, T211-231, T211-107, T211-231