Transformer Coupled Wheel Sensor Model T212-106

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The T212-106 Wheel Torque Sensor was developed by SensorData Technologies for the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The T212-106 features a rotary transformer coupled torque sensor and an i200 AC Strain Gage Conditioner-Amplifier. The small size of the T212-106 requires minimal tire offset. The sensor element was designed to ensure that force components would be evenly distributed over 360° of tire rotation. Strain gage bridge cancellation techniques provides a signal that is virtually error free. The T212-106 is part of SensorData’s line of T212 Transformer Coupled Wheel Torque Sensors and available in many useful configurations. After consultation with a factory representative SensorData will be please to provide the customer with a practical solution for his or her special needs for a wheel torque sensor.