Model BT4000 Series Wireless Coupled Flange Driver Rotary Torque Sensor

The industry true Bluetooth exclusive Model BT4000 Series Wireless Coupled Flange Drive Rotary Torque Sensor from SensorData Technologies is the only device on the market that offers high-reliability torque sensing where excessive vibration is a concern. The series is designed to be used as drop-in replacements for legacy applications in which prior torque sensor installations may have damaged sensor power rotors, resulting in serious downtime and repair costs.


Encapsulated on-board electronics provide strain gage bridge excitation, bridge output amplification, and amplified signal conversion into a 16-bit digital word. This immediate signal conversion results in significantly reduced conducted noise effects. Any electronic device equipped to receive 2.4 GHz Bluetooth data can receive signals from the BT4000 Series. The unit is supplied with a Bluetooth wireless remote base station equipped with three analog output customer options and an optional USB or Can Bus Data Port for seamless connection to a PC or other device. Onboard electronics facilitate remote shunt calibration. Due to its Bluetooth wireless topology and induction power supplied to the rotor, the BT4000 Series is immune to EMI, ground loop interference, as well as adjacent metal effects.

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