Shaft Driven Slip Ring Torque Sensor Model T360, T361, T362, T363, T364

Capacities from 150 to 500K lb-in

High stiffness and low inertia

Compatible with AC or DC electronics

Internal zero velocity speed sensor (optional)

SAE 4340 alloy steel construction with satin nickel finish

Supplied with mating connector


The T360 Series slip ring torque sensors were designed for the measurement of viscosity and for in-line testing of motors, engines, transmissions, propellers, pumps, drivelines, and similar rotating devices. The T360 Series has 20% to 40% greater stiffness, has 4 to 6 times less rotating inertia, and is 1/3 the size of comparable models available from other suppliers. The slip ring allows the use of either AC carrier or DC strain gage signal conditioning electronics. The optional zero velocity speed sensor is installed inside the T360 Series housing. Interconnecting cable assemblies are available as an option. SensorData will provide in-house calibration of the T360 Series with customer-supplied electronics for a fee.

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T360, T361, T362, T363, T364